Decorate your home smartly now|Smart home Gadgets Tips

Smart home Gadgets Tips

Top Four smart home speakers and smart Light that works with voice assistant

Smart home Gadgets Tips

1.Amazon Echo Dot :

Echo Dot an Amazon smart product hands free voice controlled smart speaker, you can manage easily all of your smart home device with just a simple voice command.


  • Hands Free Echo Dot Second Generation and Voice controlled that follow every command what you need
  • With you simple voice command you can play music ,call uber car,make calls ,send emails,control your smart TV and many more like this.
  • Controls your all smart device like as lights,fans,TV,switches,Door locks etc.
  • Echo Dot has a built in Speakers so it can be use as a smart alarm and and controls your kitchen ,garage and home appliances .
  • Amazon Echo Dot Update every time with include more features that you can connect your more smart device to increase your more comfortable life.

2.Google Home

Google Home Mini Max is a strong speaker with google smart voice assistant enables that can working with your voice command what ever you want.


  • Totally Hands Free with Google Assistant activated.
  • Instant call and get answers, play music and radio,just control your smart home with just your voice command.
  • Make schedule and time management activity.
  • You can make playlist and play as you listen.
  • Control your smart TV and ask anything to know more about the today’s world.


3.Philips Hue Starter Kit :


From sunshine to sunset you can live every moments with the same environment in your smart home with Philips hue starter kits.

  • Smart control-outdoor home control
  • Light Schedules-Comfort Dimming
  • Create your Ambience-Wake up-Paint with Light.
  • Sync with Music as well as with Movies
  • Shape light any way you want and extend up to thirty two feet in length to light up your smart room and indirect light


4. Sonos One:

The Smart Speaker for Music for your smart home.

  • Smart speaker for Music Lovers another voice control device.
  • Sonos one include with sound booster
  • Stereo sound special features include with mid size smart home speaker.
  • Easily connect with two sonos device to make it even more larger home theater.
  • Sonos One include home theater with surround sound.

So decorate your home more smarter way with these simple and time saving smart speaker and gadgets.

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